Selective Racking



Pallet racking is the most popular and widely used of all heavy duty industrial storage systems. Ideal for combined storage/order picking areas, it provides full accessibility and goods selectivity without load crushing, to heights limited only by the building or handling equipment.

The special locking action of beams to frames gives a strong, rigid and completely safe structure that can easily adapt to changing requirement.


Micro Racking


Simple bolt-together shelving with a wide range of accessories. From single bays to two-tier installations.

For storage needs in office, hotel, commercial and warehouse situations with it’s clear access to the full shelf area. Easily adjustable, the system is ideal for your storage needs.


Longspan Shelves

A single effective solution to all manner of storage requirements, longspan shelves is equally at home in a simple shelving set up or as part of a high rise narrow aisle scheme.

longspan shelves’s comprehensive range of pre-fabricated frames and beams gives maximum versatility, accommodating a wide range of storage situations. A choice of beams meets every loading requirement from medium to extra heavy duty and special locking clips prevent accidental dislodgement once shelves are in place.

Easily assembled, the system can be used to create custom built installations suitable for most commercial, industrial and retail environments.
In appearance as well as performance, longspan shelves offer the utmost in quality. With a choice of standard colour uprights and shelving, the system provides multi-purpose storage with a clean, modern apperance and a wide range of components allows you to extend longspan’s capabilities even further.


Book Shelves


Stationery, Book, Music, Entertainment. Shelving system meets all these criteria and contriutes in every way to ensure the profitable storage and handing of your products, as customers worldwide have found.


The light for communicating

Product sell better using effective lighting. The functional and the pleasing can be combined by inserting backlit decorative panels or photo colors, thereby creating a more

personalized feel.


Made to order

Is produced according to the needs of each customer Production preparation and raw materials that need to be used as well as the production process cannot be predicted in advance. Can produce the product that the customer wants.


Hard Ware

Cable reels or similar items such metal coils are usually on Steel frame using cradles.


Check Out Counter

Creating a distinctive product that is interesting to the audience.In order to be able to approach more customers Which will result in easier product distribution.Create a unique point of placing products that are unique. Choose a unique display counter. Along with choosing the appropriate placement We would like to emphasize that customers should choose a counter display that can be easily picked up to facilitate trading.


Accessories for Shelving

Accessories for Shelving


Standard Shelves

Standard Shelves